Boxing day craziness in the Commonwealth nations

Tomorrow the day has finally come – it is Christmas Eve.

And we all know, that at least 1 present will be something we so NOT want. In the Commonwealth countries there is a dedicated day for exchanging unwanted presents to get something better.

That day is called Boxing day.

In the old days on Boxing day – the day after Christmas Day – the servants used to receive gifts from their employers. Those gifts were known as “Christmas boxes” – therefore Boxing Day.

Today Boxing day is celebrated on December 26th in most of the Commonwealth nations and some other countries. And it has nothing to do anymore with receiving christmas boxes or other old traditions.

It is the day when all shops are open and people eagerly return their presents and look out for more bargains. A bit like Black Friday in the US.

Happy soon-to-come Boxing day everyone!

Do you think you will be out returning and shopping on the 26th? What are you exchanging?


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