“The most dangerous worldview is the worldview of those who have not viewed the world.”

Alexander von Humbodt

What is Hey there world all about?

Have you ever felt misunderstood when interacting with people from different cultures? Have you ever thought somebody is weird in their way of behaving? Just how they use their body language, combine words or don´t say anything at all? … And have you ever noticed people´s facial expressions when you did something that was natural to you but apparently not to them?

I have had those moments – many, to tell you the truth.

And I have wondered numerous times what it is that makes me behave in a certain way and why people from other cultural backgrounds around me sometimes behave in a way I cannot relate to?

I found out that understanding my own national culture and knowing as much as possible about different cultures helps me understand the people around me better and opens my mind towards others and their believes.

This blog gives you a broad picture of various aspects of cultures and hopes to inspire you to be curious about your own culture.

Hey there world touches on as many cultural aspects as possible ranging from music to food, from fashion to language, from books to cultural no go´s.

It does not intend to judge any culture, tradition, religion etc. but looks at all of this with open eyes and true interest. It is a platform where perspectives and reflections of people with different backgrounds, experiences, and opinions are voiced in a respectful way.

Welcome to Hey there world – the blog about cultural diversity.

P.S. Wanna know more in detail what the sections are all about? Have a look at this post.

 Who is behind Hey there world?heythereworld.com

Rain boots and high heels. Clubbing and reading. Outdoors and city tours. Luxury spa and hiking trip. Backpack and Marc Jacobs handbag. Business and casual.

All of this is me – Kathrin. A curious HR professional with roots in Germany who refuses to be pigeonholed. After longer stops in Canada, Spain and New Zealand I have found my new base in Copenhagen, Denmark. Here I work as an HR professional within the field of Organisational Development in a global role and have the pleasure of working with people from many different cultures. Face-to-face and virtual.

This blog represents my own opinions, values, and experiences and is not connected to my professional job.

All my life cultures and diversity have fascinated me. I am generally interested in people and have always been curiously experiencing new things. I like to get out of my comfort zone – which is, where life happens they say.

I love to explore and to experience people in their own cultural comfort zones. And therefore I use every opportunity to travel and to spend time with people from diverse backgrounds and experiences. I have been to over 40 countries and cannot choose a favorite one. Each country and culture has fascinated me in different ways.

Hey there world gives me the opportunity to share some of my experiences, introduce you to some great people I have met along the way and to explore new things myself.

This blog also offers people I know, I randomly meet and who are interested in sharing the opportunity to let you learn about their cultures and believes. They might not reflect how you or I feel about things, but it will give you an insight into somebody else´s life.

I love serendipity. So join me on the ride of getting to know more about this world. I am excited and hope you are as well.

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