German humor – yes, it exists

I know, I know – Germans are definitely not so well known for their humor.

I haven’t really figured out yet why the German sense of humor has not so far managed to spread across the borders. From my experience Germans can be really funny. Quite dry and sarcastic – and of course serious, just the way the Germans are.

Most Germans like something called “Situationskomik” – the comic arising from everyday situations.

It is hard to understand the German humor, since a lot of times people refer to historic events, traditions, or recite quotes from famous movies or comedians.

One whose Witz made it into everyday life is Loriot. He was born in 1923 as Vicco von Bülow in Berlin. He had an immense creative talent and therefore started his career as cartoonist after WWII.

During his career he invented cartoon figures such as Wum & Wendelin – a dog and an elephant who appeared on a game show in the 70s or the two man in the bathtub (Herr Müller-Lüdenscheidt and Herr Dr. Klöbner).

He brought Family Hoppenstedt to life. A crazy bunch that let´s us participate in their daily life. Their bizzare stories are so far out that it almost feels realistic.

He made hundreds of short movies and slapsticks. At the end of the 80s and during the 90th he wrote, directed and played in two great movies. The situations he puts people into are so absurd – and strangely enough everybody can in some way relate to it.

He exaggerates stereotypes and in an intelligent and funny way points out those things about Germans we don´t like to look at.

I am not sure if he really is funny with English subtitles. Trust me – in German he is! Here is a little appetizer. Loriot in his movie Papa Ante Portas.

And – funny? I hope you enjoyed it.

I cannot let you go without explaining a phrase a lot of Germans use. It actually is a word. A very ironic “Ach” – as an expression of surprise – which has been implemented into the German language through the cartoon “Two man in a bathtub”.

If you got 5:38 more minutes I would like to invite you to watch this little scene. These almost 6 minutes bring German humor to the point and explains a lot. Meet Herr Müller-Lüdenscheid and Herr Dr. Klöbner.


Not that I have watched it for the first time….. but Ach! I still love it!

Any phrases you use in your culture that are just so classic?


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