What´s your Kiez like?

Everybody wants to live in the right Kiez. The good Kiez. The cool one.

Kiez?!? What is it? ….  An area in Wuppertal? A special type of house? A boutique?

Nope – it is a word describing or rather replacing the word neighborhood. An area in a bigger city that might seem like a small little village. Your hood. The word has its origin in Berlin and here it is still used a lot.

What defines a Kiez is its people. It is not depending on city boundaries or officials announcing a new Kiez.

Hamburg has probably the most famous Kiez in Germany. The Reeperbahn – the red light and night life district. People mainly refer to it as “the Kiez”.

It is a positive word – I would say … at least when you live in the right Kiez.

There are even several songs praising the Kiez. Udo Lindenberg – a very famous German singer and artist – together with Jan Delay sing a little hymn to their Kiez – the Reeperbahn.


What is the best thing about your Kiez?


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