Good-bye Germany

A month full of Germany is over…… the first month of Hey there world – WOW! It went by so fast and I hope you enjoyed it.

I have learned a lot about my own culture and I am actually a little surprised by how many cool things there are to know about Germany.

Saying out loud in public that one is proud to be German – weird to most people. Also to me. It is just not something one grows up with in Germany.

But I have to say … there are a lot of things to be proud of. And now I am saying it out loud: “Yes, I think it is … cool to be German!”

Puh – that was not easy – and proud didn’t get out …. not yet… maybe one day.


For now we say goodbye to Germany. Like everybody else, Hey there world is getting into the Christmas mood and will introduce Christmas traditions from all around the world in a litte Advent calendar…. so join again tomorrow, if you want to learn about the country where presents are not brought by Santa but shit into the living room. Sounds weird – well, you will hear more about it tomorrow.


Before really leaving, here is a last little something about Germany.

If people want to indicate that it is time for guests to leave – like in most countries – they will start cleaning up the table, yawn or even tell you straight forward.


And sometimes – normally it is in bars or clubs – the “go home” message is wrapped in a song – we call it a “Rausschmeisser“. It really is the final signal. Just to make sure you get the message… and here is one of them.


And therefore now…….. Tschüss, Ciao, Servus und Auf Wiedersehen.

Any “Rausschmeisser” songs from your country you think we should know of?

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