The shitting log from Spain

Did you know that presents are not brought by Santa, but shit by Caga Tio – the shitting log – in Spain?

No? Well, me neither. But this apparently happens in Catalonia, a region in Spain.

Caga Tio is a piece of wood with a face painted on it. It brings presents on Christmas day.

Some weeks before Christmas the Tio appears at people’s houses and the kids cover it with a blanket so he is not cold. They feed him usually with fruit and water until the 24th of December. The more food the Tio eats, the more of course he needs to shit.

On Christmas Eve the whole family gathers together and sings the “Caga Tio” song while beating the log with a stick as hard as possible. After the song is done, the blanket is lifted and you find the presents the Tio shit.



What a lovely tradition…. I will definitely try to introduce it in my house! Always wanted to beat a log and get presents afterwards.

Who brings Christmas presents in your house?

8 thoughts on “The shitting log from Spain

  1. Monika on

    ok….I had Spanish teacher WHO once mantioned this tradition but…she was crazy so we did not Think it was serious:)))

    • this is funny Monika – I was also a bit suspicious when I heard about it but after somer research I found it to be true. Definitely worth considering as a new tradition all around the world:-)

  2. Never really thought this was a serious tradition ;) The catalans are a bit weird… I prefer to remember when my mom took me to visit the 3 wise men so that we could drop our wish list and take a picture with them ;)

    • But you are Spanish Mercedes…. But bringing the wishlist to the 3 wise men is much better than just sending it to a mailbox at the North pole….. Also an interesting tradition that you should consider introducing in Denmark.

      • Lol, I think my step son only started to pay attention to the Spanish traditions when he learnt he could actually get presents twice during Christmas! That is like a bonus for a kid, right?

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