German music – Herbert Grönemeyer

“You never betrayed your dream of bliss” – Herbert Grönemeyer.

German – the language of poets like Goethe, Schiller and …. Herbert Grönemeyer.

Undoubtedly one of Germany´s best singers and songwriters – and modern poets. He mumbles a bit, he is not the best dancer, and his voice is not like Celine Dion´s – but what he sings about and what he expresses through his songs surely touches even the thickest icebergs.

Difficult to pick one song .. but I decided to go for “Der Weg”. He dedicated this song to his wife who died in 2002 of cancer – the same week as his brother did. This destiny made a whole nation suffer with him. It took him over a year to come back as an artist – but what he came back with was mindblowing. Eventhough you might not understand the lyrics, I hope you can feel the love expressed in this song.


So … what do you think about his music?


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