Twelve dishes for Christmas Eve in Poland

Food is an important part of the polish culture – and Christmas Eves are a lot about eating.

The dinner starts in most families after the first star appears in the sky. It symbolizes the birth of Jesus and therefore a lot of candles are lit and the atmosphere is cosy.

A traditional polish Christmas Eve supper consists of 12 meatless dishes. They represent the 12 apostles and are served in variations in almost every polish family.

They always consist of some of these:krakow food

– soup (borsch or fish soup)

– several fish dishes (carp or herring is commonly used)

– Dried or pickled mushrooms

– Sauerkraut with peas

– Pierogi (filled dumplings – e.g. with sweet cabage, poppy seeds etc.)

– Paczki (donoughts filled with jam)


My favorite are the Pierogi. They are so good!

Also the rest sounds very good to me!

What are you having for Christmas supper this year?



By the way. If you happen to be in Poland around Christmas time I highly recommend you visit one of the many Christmas markets – to buy some decoration, try the amazing food or just enjoy the atmosphere.


4 thoughts on “Twelve dishes for Christmas Eve in Poland

  1. Well – we go for the traditional Danish Christmas dinner:
    Roast duck (stuffed with minced meat mixed with apples and prunes – which is not particular Danish) with baked apples.
    Roast pork with red sweet and sour cabbage, boiled potatoes, sugar browned potatoes and the very traditional thick brown gravy.
    For dessert – Ris alamande

    Everything home made

    By the way – the reason why I use the stuffing that I do, is that the traditional way of stuffung is with only prunes and apples but none of my family members like prunes and apples like that. So I ‘hide’ them in the minced meat and poof!!!!!……… prunes and apples are eaten.

    Enjoy :-)

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